Optimized Content Marketing Services

Content is king – and properly written content will raise you above your competition using Targeted keywords.

Content Marketing

Let us optimize and enhance the content of existing pages or create newly optimized content to give your pages that extra push your site needs to stay competitive.

Our team in Murrieta at ROI Strategic Marketing can help you create unique and effective content for your website. To make the most out of your website and marketing content, it is important to produce effective relative content while keeping your search engine optimization in mind. Our team members are trained to expand on content for the best search engine ranking results.

Consistently creating and updating strategic content using keyword optimization for your site is vital for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Page Content

We understand that not everyone is a born writer, or is even interested in writing for their website. That’s okay! We’re here to help you create content that will both sound professional and be keyword optimized to reinforce your SEO results. Whether you need help with just a few products or an entire website’s worth of content, we can get the job done.

Before our team in Murrieta starts writing, take some time to question what you want to express. What topics do you want to cover? What keywords do you want to target? Answering these questions will help us create content that is both relevant and keyword-rich.

Blog Content

The importance of blogging cannot be overstated. With the constant production of new material, you can slowly increase your SEPR and increase traffic for targeted keywords!

The first thing we do is choose a focus keyword for your post. This should be a word or phrase that best describes the topic of your article. Once you have chosen a focus keyword, you need to make sure that it appears in several places throughout your post. This includes the title, the body, and the keywords section.

In addition to using your focus keyword throughout your post, you should also try to use it in the URL of your post. This will help the search engines understand what your post is about and will also help you get higher rankings for that keyword.

Finally, don’t forget to promote your blog post! You can do this by sharing it on social media or by submitting it to directories. The more people who see your post, the more likely it is that they will share it with their friends and followers. This will help you build up a loyal audience for your blog and will eventually lead to more traffic and higher SEPR.

Press Release Content

A press release is great at getting the word out. At the same time, an online press release can help you to rank higher in search engines and give your website a boost in traffic. The goal is to get as many people as possible to read and share your news.

We understand that to make your press release successful, it must be keyword rich for SEO purposes. We will work with you to determine the best keywords to use to make your press release as successful as possible. In addition, we also focus on making sure that the content of the press release is newsworthy and interesting, as this is what will ultimately catch the attention of journalists and other media outlets. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a successful press release.

Press releases are an important tool for any business or organization looking to increase their visibility online. However, crafting a well-written and effective press release is not always easy. That’s where we come in. Our Murrieta team of experienced writers can help you create a press release that is both keyword-rich for SEO and newsworthy, increasing the chances that it will be picked up by journalists and other media outlets. We’ll work with you to create a custom press release that meets your specific needs and goals. Let us help you get the word out about your business or organization. 

Complete SEO Website Audit

45-Minute Comprehensive Consultation

An SEO Consolation with our team in Murrieta will give you a perception of your site, keywords, and competition. Then we will put together a strategic SEO plan to yield you ROI on your marketing budget.


SEO Web Design

Our team will design an eye-pleasing, optimized website - implementing proven strategic Google SEO techniques to increase your ranking and traffic.

SEO Optimization

We offer custom SEO solutions that are supported by data-driven research and first-hand experience. We've turned page optimization into a science, with over 50% of our business consisting of SEO.

Local SEO Services

Half of all searches performed on Google have a “local intent” therefore, it’s essential for businesses to perform Local SEO optimization to increase their City-centric or regional audience.

Content creation will push you site to the top